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From the most recent school. Please click remove in the instance of no previous school experience. 从最近期就读的学校开始。如果没有在学校学习经历,请点击 “ 删除”。

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Dates of Attendance | 就读时间

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Children with additional needs are enrolled in 3e on a case-by-case basis, as evaluated by the admissions team. 3e is not able to accommodate children with severe disabilities. There will be no more than one child with additional needs per class. If any case demonstrates a need for an aid/support teacher, it will be at the cost of the parent and arranged cooperatively by both the parents and 3e.
需要额外帮助的孩子的入学,需要招生团队评估,逐案考虑。3e 不能接收重症患儿。每个班级最多接收一名有特殊需求的孩子。如果在任何情况下显示需要一名提供额外支持的老师,家长需要支付全部费用,并且此额外支持的老师要经过家长和 3e 的共同安排。

I hereby give permission to 3e International School to use my child’s any individual or group photographs, video 3 and/or audio recordings, taken at 3e or elsewhere, documenting students in school activities, for publicity and public relations purposes and for any educational and publication purposes.我授权 3e 国际学校使用我孩子在学校或者其它地方,记录学校活动的个人或集体照片、 视频或声频,仅用于学校宣传,教育或出版目的。

We have provided the information without omission or falsification and have provided all supporting documents to complete the application. We understand that in the event that we deliberately falsify or omit information, 3e International School reserves the right to close my child’s application or disenroll my child. 我们提供的信息没有遗漏或者伪造,并且提供了所有支持性文件以完成申请程序。我们明白如果我们故意伪造或遗漏信息,3e国际学校有权利终止我孩子的申请或者开除我的孩子。