Applicant Personal Information | 申请者个人信息

Welcome to apply for 3e International School!
Please complete the online application to start your child’ s enrollment process. Items with asterisk are required and items without asterisk are optional.
Please remember your username and password and keep track of your child’s enrollment progress through this platform.

欢迎申请 3e 国际学校!

Applicant Personal Information | 申请者个人信息

Legal Name (Passport/ Chinese ID Card Name) | 依法登记姓名(护照/身份证名字)

姓请填写拼音,首字母大写。例如李一一, 则此处填写Li

名请填写拼音,首字母大写。例如李一一, 则此处填写Yiyi


Home Address| 家庭居住地址

Include Room number, building number, building name, street name. 房间号,楼号,小区名称,街道名称。

Upload | 上传
Upload New Photo?

For Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident, please also submit copies of passport, travel permit & resident ID card. 对于港澳台申请者,请同时提交护照,通行证和居民身份证。

Child’s Household Registration (Chinese mainland Applicant) 孩子户口本(中国大陆申请者)